Electric Brass Records was set up in February 2013 by trumpet player Andy Diagram. Initially as a way for him to release his own music. The first three planned Electric Brass releases are by Andy’s duo Spaceheads. The first of which, the Sun Radar EP is due out this April.

It is also planned to be a musical hub for experimental and electronic brass music in general, as there seems to be a lot of players out there, but not much connecting them together. The plan is to set up an online radio station and podcasts featuring a range of electric brass. Along with our facebook page we aim to promote the sound of electric brass.


If you are a brass player and would like to contribute, put together a radio playlist, show your video, tell us about your music. Please get in touch by email


Electric Brass records is a record label and musical hub dedicated to the sound of electric brass. The weird, the wired and the wonderful. Keep it eclectic - Keep it electric!